5 Great Pet-Friendly Fabrics for Your Home

When it comes to furniture in your living room, it can be a difficult task to include all people in preserving them. And this is the case if you have a roommate, a significant other or children in the house. The case turns worse if your roommate is a pet that you love. It means that you’ll have to keep close care removing the pet hairs and dirt from the furniture. Such a task can be tedious to deal with, and for this reason, you need to look for pet-friendly furniture. The following is a list of five pet-friendly fabrics to consider when buying furniture online to keep your room looking great, even when pets help themselves on them.

1.Leather or Pleather

The reason why leather furniture is ideal is that far will never stick on its surface. You can do the vacuuming and later use commercial cleaners to maintain the leather in its supple state. Note that, the patina will develop on the leather after a while but still looks great.

2. Microfiber

The good thing with synthetic microfiber is the fact that it does not scratch or rip off easily. It means that you can easily remove the accumulated hair using a lint brush or hand wiping. Most of the stain can get removed using soapy water alone.

3. Denim

For casual rooms, you can consider denim furniture as they are easy to clean and very durable. You can remove all the pet stains using soapy water or a paste of baking soda. And with the tight weave fabric traits, it makes it easy to vacuum away pets hair.

4. Canvas

If you have pets in your home, canvas slipcovers will be an ideal option. If stained, you can take off the cover and consider hand washing it or use the washing machines. The cleaning is effortless.

5. Outdoors Fabrics

You need furniture that you can share with your indoor pets and without compromising on your comfort. Outdoor fabrics are ideal in keeping off moisture and bacteria growth. You can buy a whole future design or can consider the slipcovers.

Basic Rules

The primary rule when purchasing pet-friendly furniture is to seek furniture with a tight weave of the fabrics. Right patterns, dark colors and textures hide off the pet dirt and hair until you get time to clean. Keep this in mind, and you’ll always get a chance to purchase the best and if your current sofa isn’t fitting your pet lifestyle, it may be time to replace your furniture.

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