6 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Couch

One of the main reasons why people replace their couches is redecoration and wear and tear. This is shown by a large number of good couches being sold as second-hand goods in thrift shops and similar entities.

However, as shown by a large number of worn out couches thrown in the curbs, a similarly large number of people throw away their couches because they can no longer serve their purpose.

Most couches today can last for up to 15 years. The average timeline is between 7 to 15 years. However, knowing the “warning signs” to look out for can help you replace your couch before it gets too worn out or while it’s still new. The signs can help you get adequate preparation before bringing in a replacement and avoid mistakes when buying a sofa.

The couch is too big or too small

People constantly change living conditions. Others may move to bigger houses while others may move to smaller ones. When starting out, most people live in smaller rooms and as such, buy couches fit for such spaces. However, with time they may end up buying homes that make the couches look even smaller. In such situations, the couches may be moved to smaller rooms within the home.

If one moves from a bigger house to a smaller one, the couch becomes inappropriate for the room. If force is used it may be “jammed” between other appliances which will lead to rapid wear and damage.

The couch starts to creak

One of the common causes of cracks in chairs is weakened frames and joints. This usually signals a need for replacement. If every time the couch is being used produces a creaking sound, the structure of that couch is no longer able to support the use properly. A weak structure could be a result of choosing a bad sofa, follow this guide to help you avoid common mistakes when buying a sofa.

Repairing them is a possibility but you have to consider how cost-effective that can be. This may depend on the type of couch since old ones were made using hardwood and screws while newer models consist of staples, epoxy and processed woods. The couch may, therefore, be worth repairing if it’s a family heirloom.

Lack of lumbar support and flattened cushions

You may know it’s time for replacement if the couch is no longer comfortable. This may depend on the other parts of the chair. If the other parts are still in good working condition, you can refill the cushions.

Choose what you want to add the new filling whether it’s solid or shredded foam, or pillow inserts. You may also add support to the cushions by putting plywood underneath the cushions. This can be done by simply measuring the length and depth of the seating space thereafter cutting plywood that fits those measurements. Remember to keep its thickness half an inch.

If it becomes smelly or itchy

Couches can accumulate a lot of dirt which leads to bad odor especially if there are pets and kids around. This can be easily rectified with proper vacuuming and cleaning.

If the smell doesn’t leave the room even after cleaning the couch, you’ll have to start making plans for a replacement. This also applies if people start complaining of itchiness after using the couch. In some cases, those who use the couch may develop “red welts” on their legs instead of feeling itchy.

Different decoration style

Like fashion, home decoration styles change with time. What was an upholstery a few years ago may not be the same today. If you decide to keep up with the changing trends and change your home decor, you’ll have to change your couches. That’s the only way you’ll be able to get a look that matches your new decoration style.

Undesirable upholstery

If the upholstery starts to expose underneath padding it’s time for new couches plans. Constant use of the couch may lead to wearing out and stains on the upholstery of most couches. Even with repairs, the fabric may still get torn.

If the couch is too faded, the fabric may start tearing as well. This is most likely if it’s placed where it direct rays from the sun reaches it directly. Ultraviolet rays cause fading and subsequent weakening of the fabric.

Although it’s advisable to clean specific spots on the couch every time they get dirty, with time it may still become too stained. Always use the correct cleaning agents for your couch or hire professional cleaners if you can.

If the structure of the couch is still strong, you can reupholster instead of replacing the whole couch. Since upholstery fabric and labor costs may be higher, you may have to think about buying a sofa online.

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