Best Kid-friendly Fabric for Sofas

Having kids around your house may result in a mess as they play everywhere. Items such as sofas may get stains; therefore, you need to invest in kid-friendly sofas that shall withstand all the kid’s activities. The kind of fabric you select need to be tough as well to resist tear as kids play on the sofas. The color needs to match your house; with all these factors in mind, you can now go ahead and explore various child safe sofa fabrics that may aptly fit your sofas.

Here are the most suitable fabrics when buying furniture.

1. Leather

Leather is a seemly fabric material for making stylish and classy sofas. It is tough hence does not tear easily, and easy to clean as well. Once in a while, you can use a leather conditioner which helps keep the sofa soft.

2. Microfiber

There exist different types of microfiber varying in texture; some may be smooth while others are dense and coarser. Microfiber is resistant to stains and in case of a few of them, you can clean it using water or the most suitable solvent.

3. Vinyl

Just like leather, vinyl has that elegant look, and it is supple as well. However, vinyl is cheaper than leather hence more affordable. It is easy to clean, using water and wiping cloth, as dirt does not attach itself in it to a great extent.

4. Denim

Denim may not seem quite suitable, but it can be used to make a child friendly sofas. It is very tough and hence does not tear easily; therefore, whether the kids jump and play on the sofa, you should never have to worry about it getting torn.

5. Wool

Wool is a durable material for your sofa, and even though it may not be very resilient, it provides much comfort for children. It is easy to notice a stain on it and easy to clean as well. Dust in a wool fabric can be easily vacuumed.


As much as it may be difficult to determine the right fabric for your sofa, factors such as affordability and preference play an essential role as well. Some practice may also reduce the frequency with which your sofa gets stained, like reminding the kids to remove their shoes before getting on the sofas. Keeping your furniture clean may not be easy, sometimes it’s best to to replace your sofa.

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