Best Upholstered Furniture for a Home with Cats

Cats are wonderful pets especially if a homeowner understands their needs and personalities. But these beautiful animals have a habit of climbing, scratching and leaping. If you are not careful, they can cause destruction and chaos in your home. But it is almost impossible to train your cat to refrain from these behaviors. Some people may declaw the cat, although this is not advisable by veterans. So, the best solution is for cat’s guardians to provide correct stimulation and alternatives for scratching that includes, resistant upholstery.

Here are some useful tips to help you choose the best upholstery furniture for your cat.

1. Buy Upholstery that Can Withstand Punctures

Furniture with metal frames is the best ones for homes with cats since the claws cannot penetrate through and hence it is unlikely that your pet will scratch it. Also, when purchasing upholstery, it is best to buy ones with microfiber fabrics made from polyester and nylon threads. This material is loved because it does not stain and spills can be wiped off easily. It is also lightweight, and its density enables it to withstand a cat’s claws without tearing. Microfiber can also be easily vacuumed to remove the cat fur which some people are allergic to.

2. Avoid Leather Fabric

Cats will scratch on anything their claws can be hooked into, whether hard or soft. Leather is easy to clean and difficult for fur to stick to it, something that makes many people think that it is a good fit. But, remember that when punctured, this fabric shows tiny holes which with time will become larger tears if the damage continues.

3. Provide Alternatives

Apart from buying furniture with metal frames and scratch resistant upholstery also consider providing other cat-friendly distractions for your cat to climb and scratch on. For instance, in areas where you notice that your cat is scratching most, you can add a scratching post. You can also provide your pet with a cat tree or build carpeted shelving for your cat to climb.

Some people may try to train their cats to behave and not to jump up on or scratch the couch. But even as you do that, it is important to provide pet-friendly upholstery fabrics as they can help ease the burden. Avoid buying light colors no matter how well behaved or trained your pet is. Opt for dark colors like brown, black or charcoal grey as they can hide fur and blend with most color schemes.

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