How to Find Furniture That Doesn’t Suck!

When you are out looking for furniture, aspects such as color, size, stain or even a scratch are easily recognizable. When shopping online for furniture, this may not be as easy, but you don’t need rocket science to figure out what is worth it. That is the easier part, but getting to know how durable the piece of furniture is, requires much more than just a simple visual judgment. Here is a sneak preview of what to check for furniture while in the market for one.

Wood Furniture


It’s a common misconception that hardwoods are generally hard while soft woods soft. This is not the case anyway. For quality durable wood furniture, it’s of utter importance to look for wood that is resistant to any form of scratch. Additionally, you should be able to avoid using any form of wood that has been pressed. This makes it susceptible to any form of cracks. Such is common occurrence while using fingerboard, particle board or plywood.

One quality material that comes highly recommended is veneers. This is a top notch piece of thin wood that is used to cover a lower quality piece of wood. Not only is it for covering low quality wood but can also be used in covering high quality wood too.


When it comes to quality furniture construction, the nature of the joints tells it all. If a furniture joint is held together by such accessories as nails or even staples, this shows a display of shoddy work. The same goes doe visible glue on furniture joint. Construction of high quality furniture joints requires opulence by using such accessories as wooden such as Dowels pegs or screws. Additionally, best quality wood furniture constructions have interlocking joints best known as dovetail or utilize the mortise- and –tenon technique. These are simple yet classy and strong joints that clearly define high quality furniture.

Upholstered furniture


When it comes to upholstery, the type of foam plays a crucial role in determining quality. In determining this, take a look inside the foam by unzipping it. This is for foams that can be unzipped. Once you are done, you will be able to see a block of cushion covered in cotton, Dacron or, muslin. Cushions made of foam only are always known to be less durable. Additionally, they are quite uncomfortable to sit or lay on. For a quality seat form, you should be able to check for 1.8 pounds in density or higher. This is not the case with back cushions that are removable. They are often made to be softer and less dense. Finally, consider the tags on the cushions indicating mode f cleaning such as W for cleaning with water, S for dry cleaning and X for vacuum cleaning.


When it comes to upholstery construction, it’s of utter importance to consider such aspects as cone, coil, grid springs and sinuous as well. Even better, you can take your time and sit on each available sit to get a better feel of how upholstery feels. Whether you sink or just tip, you will get a clear understanding of which furniture upholstery best fits your comfort. Additionally, you can go ahead and squeeze the arms of the furniture with your hands. Basically, you shouldn’t be able to feel frame of the furniture by pressing the padding. For quality furniture, upholstery on the arm rest should be covered with quality skirts that are able to maintain their shape for longer even after being pressed.

Quick furniture checklist

A checklist for quality furniture is awfully long. It involves myriads of minute yet important aspects as small as the size and type of screw used. Even so, this is a checklist of basic furniture shopping list.


The wood should either be solid or in the case of plywood, it should include 9+ layers. Things that you should avoid include thin plywood, pressboard, fiberboard, knots, cracks, and thin plywood.


In terms of joints, you should check for a reinforced Conner block, mortise and tenon, dovetail, dowels and screws. You should be able to avoid any joints with nails, staples or visible glue. This shows that the furniture is of low quality.


The drawers should include metal glide rails, stops, dust panels and floating bottoms. You should be able to avoid any wood-on-wood sliding.


A quality frame should be even and at equal level with floor at all angles. You should be keen to avoid furniture with any form of twists, wobbles, or creaks.


When it comes to springs, ensure to check for springs that are hand-tied. At the same time, the springs should be close together to increase stability and reduce resistance.

Cushion and upholstery

As stated above, good foams are always firms and should be wrapped in quality padding. Avoid any loose cushions without any internal partitioning.

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