How to Protect your Sofa from Spills

Buying a sofa of high value is a crucial long-term investment to make in your home. It gives you a nice feeling especially when you have family and friends visiting your home almost every time. These facts, however, place you at risk of a spill on the sofa at any time. The risk further aggravates by the fact that you may have children in your house or pets.

When you frequently experience that, do not worry anymore. You do not need to cover your sofa with plastic materials anymore. You also do not need to throw away pets off your house or ban visitors into your home as well. Here am going to give you tips on how to protect your sofa and keep the house decent.

1. Purchase the right fabric

A sofa with a white linen fabric gets dirty very quickly especially if you have kids who always play over them. Kids cause soiling on sofa fabric making its colorless white appealing.

When choosing a fabric, always buy one that has fiber that is synthetic rather than natural. Synthetic fabric is durable and more resistant to stains. Besides, they do not hold more dye than the natural one and are stronger. This fact is a plus to those buying sofas since it gives a fabric that will not hold spills.

Many different fabrics exist with different textile and colors. It is therefore essential to go for a material that has good quality and perfect for your house.

2. Check for leather

With the fact that leather is appealing on the eye, it needs much care. Before buying examine if it is the best for your house since leather tends to be different. Always ensure that the leather used on the couch can stretch. An excellent stretching leather provides it cannot be torn out or have scratches easily. When you decide to buy aniline leather since it is attractive, maintain it monthly using a cream. The cream makes your sofa look new.

Just like shoe leather, sofa leather is full in variety and of different quality. For this fact, therefore, it is good to do more research to get the best you deserve.

3. Use a stain guard

Stain guard helps protect your sofa from the soil. It acts on sofa linen without consideration; it is either fabric or leather. Immediately a spillage takes place on the couch, use Guardsman Fabric or Leather Care Products to wipe the spillage off. Wiping ensures the new good looking of your couch always remain. It is also wise to treat your sofa with Guardsman before so that when spillage occurs, washing will be easy. Guardsman does not affect the textile of your couch or furniture, and it is safe and secure to use. If by accidentally, you pour red wine over your carpet guardsman is the solution.

4. Change your habits

Changing your habits do not mean you change your lifestyle. It says you change home activities primarily in the house that can cause spillages. You can prevent kids from taking their good or drinks on sofas though it may look harsh on them.

A research conducted on eating habit shows people who eat from the table takes healthy food. Scientist argues that on the table it is more hygienic compared to the sofa. Further, if you watch movies after dinner with family, it is good to consider doing it somewhere else far from the couch.

If you own house pet, train them to use a different cushion from the sofa for resting. In case your pet is a dog, let it have a loop to play on rather than doing it on the couch. When you have a friendly cushion for your pets in the house, they will always wish to stay there rather than on your sofa.

5. Work on stain quickly avoiding scrubbing

When a spillage takes place, remove it immediately. Do not wait until suppertime is over. Working on stains immediately after spillage, prevent the dye from penetrating down the sofa fabrics. Always before working on the stain, remove any solid material on top of the stain. Warwick fabrics recommend some few tips you should follow to remove stains that include the following;

  • If the spillage is not from oil, combine soap not used in the toilet like Lux Flake and warm water and apply on the stain. Rub the solution smoothly and dry using a clean towel. Pour clean cold water and drain again. Further, use a hair dryer to dry up the area ensuring you dry from inside out that prevent water flowing back.
  • If it is an oil stain, still follow the above step and apply a solvent brand cleaner in washing panel instead of cleaning the only spot. They are also an industrial procedure by Warwick fabric that suggests the use of hair spray or Glen 20.

Choosing the right fabric for your sofa is good. Also, avoid the habit of eating from the couch. Keeping your sofa clean helps minimize the frequency of seeking upholstery cleaners. Additionally, it is important to vacuum your sofa monthly to remove any dirt in them. If all of the proper steps are taken, then you will get the maximum life out of your furniture, but if you are already having problems you may have to replace your sofa. If you are looking for new furniture then be sure to follow this guide on how to pick a sofa that will last forever.

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