Leather or Fabric Sofa – Which One Should You Buy?

The market has many different types of sofas, and shopping for the right one can be confusing. However, whether you are looking for a loose or fixed cushion sofa or a low or high backed sofa, you are faced with the question – When buying furniture online should you go for a Leather or Fabric Sofa? There is obviously no exact answer. Both types have their pros and cons. It is important to know about the advantages of each type of sofa, in order to determine which one is perfect for your home or family.

What Type of Sofa Material is Better

What are the Benefits of Fabric Sofas?

Some of the main benefits of fabric sofas include:

  • Care – In fabric sofas, the wear and tear frequently depends on the fabric’s grade. The better fabrics can obviously bear wear better, similar to leathers of better quality. Most of these are treated with a finish of stain-resistant variety. Thus, once spills occur, they can be cleaned easily with a handheld steam cleaner or specialty products. Fabric, unlike leather, does not easily get scratched. Naturally, it can withstand spills, claws of pets and other things more effectively than leather. However, if spills are a consistent issues, then over time you may want to replace your sofa.
  • Comfort – Fabric sofas widely differ based on the frame, cushions and fabric of the sofa. However, these sofas tend to offer more comfort than their leather counterparts for various reasons. However, the primary reason is the fact that fabric has a warmer and softer finish overall. Leather sofas, similar to leather car seats, can often feel cold during the winter months and sticky and hot during the summer season. As compared to fabric sofas, leather ones have a firmer feel.
  • Varied Pattern & Color Options – Leather is available in varied colors, although there are unlimited pattern and color options when it comes to fabrics. You can have a better opportunity to get a color or an existing matching décor of your choice.
  • Budget – If you choose a fabric sofa, you can generally get more value for your money. Although high quality framing and fabric are costly, same sofa sets in leather can be always more expensive.

What are the Benefits of Leather Sofas?

Benefits of a Leather Sofa

When it’s time to replace your sofa, here are some of the primary benefits of leather sofas include:

  • Appearance – Leather sofas provide rooms with some type of elegance, which is difficult to match with fabric sofas. Leather sofas of a Chesterfield-style have a very classic look. However, these are generally trendier than fabric sofas. If you love a modern or sophisticated appearance, go for leather sofas that tend to look trendier and sleeker in any space, unlike what fabric offers.
  • Care – Generally, it is easier to care for leather sofas although the amount of care differs on the basis of usage and the number of footfalls in homes. You can easily clean leather surfaces. Generally, you only need to rub down or lightly dust leather surfaces only when these look too dirty. On the other hand, you have to vacuum and clean fabric surfaces regularly.
  • Hypoallergenic – Leather is a hypoallergenic material. Those who suffer from allergy often have a better experience with leather sofas, given that leather does not allow the breeding of allergens, pet dander, dust mites and other germs, as opposed to fabric. Thus, it can be a safer choice.


You have to consider the benefits to decide on which type you should buy. If fabric suits your lifestyle better, you can invest an extra amount of care to clean up the surface easily. You need to be more frequent in cleaning up fabric sofa surfaces. When it comes to choosing a sofa that will last forever, or at least close to it, the best option is leather.

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