What is the Best Time of Year to Buy Furniture?

Just like many commodities in the market, furniture prices vary from time to time. So, when is the best time to buy furniture?

When it comes to buying any furniture, different aspects such as comfort and furniture size come into play. Regardless of any reason, its of important to strategize how to purchase how and when you are going to buy furniture without burning a hole your pocket. That said, what is the best time to buy furniture?

Best Overall: JULY

This may come as a surprise that July is th best time to buy furniture compared to January. Well, January has always been favored by many due to new year emerging trends, and the horror of post Christmas sales. Even so, July remains the bests due to the following reasons:

-During summer, discounts are always up. This is because furniture business is low during this time thus making it a perfect time to acquire furniture at a great discount.

-August is always known as the month of releasing new furniture trends. It’s for this reason that July is the perfect time to buy in a bid to enjoy the last chance sales, which are always cheaper.

-You have a better time to rebuild your bank account after hefty holiday expenditure.

Spring Savings

It’s the norm that home sales are always on the rise during Spring time. During this time, retailers are often seen to offer people quick deals with huge discounts to furnish their houses. This is a perfect time to buy furniture.

Summertime slump

This is another great time to buy furniture. It is especially a perfect time to buy indoor furniture due to the summer slump. You should be able to take advantage of this slump before the market is flooded with new furniture in August. Even so, you can take advantage of August to get your hands on outdoor furniture at a cheap price. You shouldn’t be bothered however by the fact that you will have to wait for long in order to enjoy meals on your patio.

Back to school

Well, when it comes to office furniture, this is undoubtedly the best time to lay your hands on one. This is because most retailers at this time focus mainly on student’s demands thus selling less of office furniture. You should be able to take advantage of this.

Winter Woes

During winter, its highly unlikely to find anyone purchasing furniture. People are more focused on Christmas and family to be getting an upgrade on their study desk. Save your money and acquire your favorite furniture in January when everybody is virtually broke.

Local Deals

Unlike online stores, local stores rarely keep up with furniture market trends, not always but this sometime happens. They are a bit unpredictable but more often will make sales with a discount just to increase monthly sales.

Take your pick of your favorite tome to buy furniture and start saving today. However, if you cant wait for a particular time, take advantage of each season sale to buy furniture.

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