When to Replace Your Furniture? Furniture Guide 101

When you have just completed furnishing your newly build a house with new furniture, or you have furniture that have stayed in your house for the last ten years, it is essential to know when you will have to replace your furniture. Most people are not aware of when they are supposed to replace their furnishings. So are wondering when to replace your furniture? Let look at each to you consider before you decide when to replace it.

Dining room tables

The dining table is capable of lasting for many years depending on how you handle it and the materials which it was made from. As long as the surface of the table is not scratched and burned, you can still use it. You can increase the life span of your table by using table clothes to protect it from wear and tear. It is recommended to replace the dining tables when the top part becomes difficult to repair or when you are relocating to a much bigger room that will require new dining tables.

Dining room chairs

If the dining chairs are not upholstered, they can last for many years. If they are not upholstered, they can only be replaced in special situations like when the legs become loose when children lean back on them, and the screws become loose. In such circumstances, you will have you replace the dining room chairs or when you get more comfortable chairs for your family to sit on comfortably. When you have a mismatch of chairs n your dining room, you will also have to consider changing them to achieve the desired color or design that is most preferred by you


It is appropriate to consider changing your couch early enough before they start bending or sagging when children stain the fabric or worn out or when the sofa frames start breaking. They typical sofa couch can last up to between seven to fifteen years.

Reasons to replace the sofa

Having in mind the average expected life span of furniture and households is now essential to genuinely look at other factors that individuals consider when buying new furniture. You will notice that the life span of the furniture is not the only thing that one has to look for when changing the kind of furniture in his or her house. Below are the factors that you need to look at when deciding when to change the furniture?

When the couch or the sofa starts showing signs of wear and tear– this is the most appropriate time to change your couch. It is the right time to start looking at new furniture; it means that the materials in your old sofa have started fraying. The sun coming from the nearby window can cause the couch to fade off when you furniture that initially matched your dining room drape and clashes with new carpets or other chairs.

When to Replace Your Furniture

Creaking- when the couch starts to squeak, it is the right time to change it with ones. Creaking is a sign that the sofa has begun breaking down.

Little cushion left. When you realize your safo can’t make your guests comfortable anymore, it is the right time to consider purchasing new ones or replacing them.

Replacing or reupholstering furniture

If you are in love with your fast set of the sofa, but they have become old, then you have to consider buying new ones or reupholstering them. You can decide to eliminate the parts that are worn out on your sofa with new materials to make them match your desired colors or look newer. However, before reupholstering, there are some things you need to look into;

Is the piece an antique? – it is essential to find a specialist who can do the reupholstering process if the furniture is an antique

The type of fabric to use- sometimes seeing the kind of fabric materials that you like may turn out to be difficult, finding someone to reupholsters the sofa can be a cheaper option for you.

The structure of the sofa- you need to find out if the furniture structure is sound. If the fabric is the only part that is worn out then reupholstering can be a good option as it will save you the money that you could incur in purchasing a new set of sofa.

Who should do the job? – If you feel like doing it yourself, then it will be essential to consider perhaps taking some craftsman classes to understand the basics. If you only want to replace some small worn out parts, then it will be easy for you to do it.

How to determine if the piece of furniture is fit for reupholstering

The type of frame your furniture has. Look if it has wood frames that are put together with wooden pins or if the frame is metal that uses staples, if it uses metal frames that have staples then it will be difficult to reuse it unlike if it is wooden with wooden pins.

Look at the springs in the frame. The best springs are the ones which are coiled and tied with twine. It has rubber panes then it will be easier for you to reupholster.

Visible frames. The antique furniture is made from cherry or mahogany; they do not need any repair at all. It is not possible to change the frames if the shape of the desired furniture has to change.

Look at the form of the sofa. You need to check the type of couch your furniture has. Is it of poor quality that doesn’t require any repair or is it of the high standard that is worth reupholstering? If the form is firm, it will mean it will be possible to repair it.

How to find quality upholstery

The best way to fiends a talented upholster is to like your family members or friends for referrals for the one they have previously used. You can also ask the upholster if he has the portfolio on the work they have done before or how long they have been in the business.

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